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OHO glue

The OHO brand is well known to many, whose childhood was marked by these glues through use in school works! OHO glues are used by all generations, whether it is necessary to glue paper, wood, cardboard, ceramics, cork, celluloid, leather, styrofoam - OHO is always at the top of the task!

Household chemicals

Reflex has been in the product range from the very beginning of Aero Balkan's business, and for decades has proven to be a reliable partner in households when it comes to maintaining the hygiene and shine of floor and wooden surfaces.

Adhesive tapes

Looking for adhesive tapes with a long tradition and proven quality? Yes, we have those! They are most often used in industry as reliable tapes for gluing boxes, rough and smooth surfaces, but they are also used in offices and households.

About us

Aero Balkan was founded on April 1, 1947 in Belgrade under the name Balkan, through the consolidation of several small workshops for the production of products that were then necessary in industry and household. In 1969, Aero Balkan moved to the industrial zone of Krnjača, where is still located. OHO glue, 4 ASA, REFLEX, TEP-TIH, SUPER RER, GRACE, ANTI-LED, self-adhesive and insulating tapes, are just some of the products whose proud creator is the Balkan factory.

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