Aero Balkan


  • 1947.

    AERO BALKAN seriously lasts for more than 70 years, although founded on April Fools' Day. The company was founded on April 1, 1947 in Belgrade under the name BALKAN, by uniting the production of several small workshops.

  • BALKAN was engaged in the production of: aniline paints, pastes for shoes and parquet, candles, inks, drawing inks, indigo and carbon papers, typewriter ribbons, pencils, cosmetics, or products that were then necessary in industry and household.

  • 1953.

    BALKAN concentrates production on the location of Viline vode. The factory of cosmetic products DALIJA stands out. In those years, BALKAN was the first in the production of consumer goods in Serbia and Belgrade, and the third in Yugoslavia .

  • Brands which have been synonymous with quality for decades, even today, were created in the sixties. The long tradition of making products from quality waxes has resulted in shoe pastes BRILIJANT and BELI MEDVED

  • 4ASA, REFLEX P and REFLEX N for wood surface care, were created on the same basis. There was no housewife who didn`t take care of the parquet and furniture with our products. Due to its high quality, 4ASA has even been used to impregnate log cabins.

  • BALKAN's team of experts has won new products that have become a mark for cleanliness to housewives for all times. TEP-TIH for carpet washing and SUPER RER for oven cleaning are just some of them. And the cars got their cosmetics.

  • 1956.

    BALKAN also developed its own adhesives. It created a brand that surpassed its own creator - everyone knows about it, no one knows who produces it: OHO glue has been around for more than 60 years, it is synonymous with school-office universal glue.

  • 1969.

    A new modernized factory was built in the industrial zone of Krnjača. The production was supplemented by a program of spray products, which had a significant place on the market of consumer goods.

  • REFLEX N for furniture care, as well as SUPER RER, received their own spray version. Balkan already had products ahead of their time: TAJFUN spray for the absorption of unpleasant odors and BALKANCID spray for room disinfection.

  • AUTOLAKOVI and ANTI-LED spray were only part of the offer of aerosol products for car maintenance and care. BUM insect spray - a brand that has left an indelible mark in time - an episode of the cult domestic series bears its name.

  • BALKAN, following the needs and demands of the market, returned to the production of cosmetics. GRACIJA hairspray was an indispensable part of the hair styling set. In the 1990s, in line with environmental trends, freon was expelled from aerosol products.

  • 1979.

    The new plant for the production of self-adhesive tapes, according to the turnkey system, was built by the company TESSA Beiersdorf. The capacity of this plant ranked the BALKAN (then part of PRVA ISKRA BARIČ) among the leading factories of self-adhesive tapes in the country.

  • BALKAN produced self-adhesive tapes on different substrates, in several different dimensions, as well as the shape and size of the packaging. Self-adhesive tapes are best known to consumers under the GRMEC trademark and were marketed under that brand in the 1990s.

  • 1989.

    Namely, the factory became part of PS GRMEČ AD. In addition to the existing ones, BALKAN won the production of new ones and completed the offer of Grmeč's construction adhesives. At that time, insulation tapes were also leaders in their field of application.

  • BALKAN's production program also became famous for the advertisement: »I only have ten seconds« (PS GRMEČ TV commercials). A line of VINEX floor cleaners, care and maintenance has also been developed.

  • 2003.

    After leaving PS GRMEČ, considering that BALKAN has been one of the leading producers of self-adhesive tapes for decades, the merger of the company AERO DD from Celje was a logical consequence, as well as the takeover of the production of AERO packaging tapes in 2015.

  • 2023.

    After 76 years we have moved on to new pastures 🙂 Home Chemistry went into a well-deserved retirement after more than a full-time service of diligent and successful cleaning, washing, scrubbing and polishing.

    Our loyal consumers have been with us for decades. Because of them, but also because of new users, who know how to appreciate quality, and in accordance with the identified needs, we will continue to strengthen and develop our products in the field of adhesives and self-adhesive tapes.